It’s a sunny summery afternoon, you finished your work and thought it would be nice to lie under the cool shade of a tree and get some rest. As you look up and gaze the green leaves, the blue sky and the clouds you find yourself daydreaming in worlds different from the one you live and suddenly in a blink of an eye you wake up again focusing the eyes on the leaves and mumbling the words “Quercus Robur”… It must be the heat or the countless hours of studying ecosystems and biodiversity, though thinking again of these words and their connection with modern English you change from daydreaming to systematic analysis of a species of flowering plant in the beech and oak family Fagaceae. A large deciduous tree, with circumference of 4 m to exceptional 12 m and lobed and nearly sessile very short-stalked leaves 7–14 cm long. Lying still on the ground and touching the grass your analysis goes a bit further thinking that Q. robur is very tolerant to soil conditions and the continental climate but it prefers fertile and well-watered soils. Happy that your study time has not been wasted all this time, you look around half asleep and half cogitating only to realise that you have just missed the bus…


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