PhD in International Relations and European Studies

University of Nicosia School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

  • Duration (years): 3
  • Qualification Awarded: Doctoral Programme in European Studies and International Relations (PhD,3 years)
  • Level of Qualification: 3rd Cycle (Doctorate)
  • Language of Instruction: English and Greek
  • Mode of Study: Full time / Part time
  • Minimum Credits: 90
  • Minimum ECTS Credits: 180

The Doctoral Program in International Relations (hereafter IR) aims at the creation and interpretation of knowledge which extends the forefront of the disciple of IR (in the wider reading of the discipline), through original research and critical thinking. Holders of a Ph.D. in IR will be able to conceptualize, design and implement projects for the generation of significant new knowledge and/or understanding in the field of International Relations. Furthermore, holders of a Ph.D. in IR will have the qualities needed for employment that requires the ability to make informed judgments on complex issues in specialist topics of IR, and innovation in tackling and solving conceptual and practical problems in world politics.

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