A warm welcome

Welcome to the official beginning of a blog which we created with extreme enthusiasm for you and the science of Geography. It took a phone call, a common idea, a mutual support and a hope of contributing to something we love and through it to help not only the colleagues and academic community but the society in which each of us live. During this whole process there were times when we wondered if what we are trying to do will succeed, if we finally could manage to create an active community and a lot of ” if ” ‘which were excuses so as to never make any attempt.

Each new student who enters the academia has ambitions, dreams, expectations and hopes that after these very important, creative, constructive and clearly memorable years will enter a society which will give her/him the opportunity to offer knowledge and innovative ideas for both the development of science and the progress of society. The problems we see in our daily lives have their solutions and clearly a Geographer is quite well equipped if he/she has understood the combinatorial nature of Geography, so as to solve them.

There are small practices that not only keep ourselves involved but trigger the society through mutual cooperation to have mutual support. These practices range from simple actions like a group of fellow students getting together and opening a dialogue about an interesting scientific topic or issue to actively being engaged in the various scientific events taking place in our communities or even creating something in order to try to inform and to make the community located outside the academic circle active.

We created this website in order to keep us involved and create a network of Geographers from Greece and abroad, where they will be able to help and express the science of geography in their own way to the scientific and non-scientific community. What drives us from now on to try to succeed as geographers in creating a mutual cooperation for our own personal progress and our society are the words of the anthropologist Margaret Mead who said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Can we turn these words into action?


The Authors

Kanteler Despoina & Sotiris Piperis


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